Pre-killed snake food

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When it comes to feeding your snake, you will need to stick to pre-killed food.

There are a lot of reasons that people prefer to present their snakes live food. One of the most common is that they believe that a snake in its natural habitat could eat live food in order captivity they need to be given live food also. I used to agree with them. But it only took one incident for me to change my mind.

I removed the driftwood out of her cage but abandoned the plants inside because she chose to hide in them until she attacked. I put a medium sized rat in the cage as usual. But she made a fatal error. She managed to get herself bit, which caused her to puncture her lung. She died a couple of minutes later.

The main reason you will need to abide by pre-killed food is for safety reasons. Yes, 99% of the time your snake will take care of the live food quickly and efficiently. Feeding your snake live food is simply an unnecessary risk.

There are other benefits to giving your snake pre-killed food. It’s more readily available in North Palm Beach Rat Removal. The pre-killed animals are killed humanely and didn’t suffer. That’s not likely to be the case when placing live prey in with your snake.

If you’re concerned about your snake not needing pre-killed food, you’re likely unnecessarily worrying. Virtually every snake will accept pre-killed food. It may take a few attempts to get your snake used to pre-killed food when it had been on a live prey diet before, but nearly every snake could be instructed to eat pre-killed food.

The procedure for feeding your snake pre-killed food is really rather simple:

1) Thaw your bark out in warm water for 30 minutes. Snakes won’t eat it if it is frozen, so make sure it’s warm.

2) Dry it off.

3) Place the rodent in the cage.

4) When the snake appears uninterested, grab a pair of tongs and move the bark round to make it look alive.

Snakes make great pets and can be companions for years. Why risk unnecessary harm or even death by feeding your snake live prey?