Is eating popcorn healthy?

While popcorn is considered a healthy snack by lots of people, it may get unhealthy in a hurry. Between the oil used to pop it along with the butter and salt many people drown it in, what starts out as a healthful alternative to grease laden chips can quickly become a contender. But, there are ways to keep popcorn the healthy snack you need it to be.

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For starters, forego the oil completely and invest in a hot air popcorn popper. Be aware, however, that when you don’t use any oil at all, salt and other seasonings do not stick to the popcorn really well. Unless you are opposed to using any oil at all, it might be better to settle on a popcorn popper that makes it easy to control the amount of oil you use.

You can choose the kind of popcorn popper which operates on the stovetop and lets you use as little as a tablespoon of oil. This is the kind of popper that you stir constantly so the popcorn doesn’t stick or burn. It cooks fast and you can experiment with how much oil you want to use.

In terms of butter, you might want to leave it off entirely if you are counting calories or watching your fat content. If you don’t wish to do without it, however, start looking for a healthy substitute. In addition, there are lots of alternatives to using salt, such as sprinkling parmesan cheese over your popcorn or utilizing a wholesome seasoning blend. Most important, you can still have your popcorn and eat healthy too!